Testosterone Levels & Manly Libido SURGING After Heavy Workout

leg workout for bigger flaccid penis1 Testosterone Levels & Manly Libido SURGING After Heavy WorkoutI worked out my chest and back muscles at the gym yesterday.

Real heavy weight (at least relative to my own weight)…

While I weight 150, I maxed out at 275.  Just a few repetitions with relatively heavy weight is all a person needs to get a MAJOR boost of testosterone.

I had a rough weekend of drinking and partying without much sleep.  Those are all good ways to make my testosterone levels temporarily drop to the floor.  All day Monday morning I felt too lazy to hit the gym, I just sat home feeling kind of weak and down… I completely skipped the gym on Monday.

Next day, I felt even worse, until I hit the gym that is.

After a couple of bench press workouts I felt the warm male sex hormone surging throughout my body… I felt a lot more solid, looked at women around me like I was going to ravage them at any minute… spoke a little louder, felt a little more positive and stood more firm.  Felt overall manlier and more confident.  Might be all in my head but I was getting a lot more looks and stares from the ladies at the gym.

Lots of people don’t get into weight lifting because they think they just aren’t cut out for it.

Let me tell you; nobody starts off like an Arnold Schwarzenegger in his bodybuilding prime.

All it takes is time and dedication to gain some major strength, a larger and more muscular body and in the process naturally increase your testosterone production.

I have a good friend who started working out with me a couple of months back… at first he struggled with bench pressing 115 pounds.  He was very discouraged.

I told him just continue with the gym… no worries about the weight you lift, just push yourself every time.

Just yesterday I went in and bench pressed with him… he manhandled the 135 lbs, pushed 185 ten times, and hit 205 a couple of times on his own.

He looks much larger now and tells me he feels much better.

This is the same process everybody goes through.  You’ll be sore for the first couple of weeks, but this soreness completely disappears about a couple of weeks.

So back to the sexual benefits of weightlifting. Performing compound workouts such as bench press, squats and leg press naturally produces large amounts of testosterone.

Leg workouts are especially important when it comes to testosterone production. You will feel super horny after leg day.

If you want to naturally increase your sex drive and libido, squatting and leg pressing a couple of times a week is a good start. Enlarge your quad muscles, and you’ll pump out T at a higher production… if you can do two leg days a week, your libido will be insane.

As I mentioned, these higher testosterone levels will naturally increase your sex drive, libido, and erection strength. You will have a strong mental and physical drive to chase and bed women, as well as the physical strength to back it up.

Yesterday I hit nothing but heavy compound workouts.  By the end of my workout the width from my chest to back was huge.  My body felt warm and comfortable, and well… I felt horny.

The day before I had felt like calling this girl I’ve been talking to, but didn’t have the balls to do so…

After leaving the gym, making this call was nothing.  I felt so good, and these good feelings were apparent to my new crush, and the response was great.

Within an hour or two my new lady friend was at my house having some drinks.  I had no feelings of anxiety or nervousness… just solid, manly libido, confidence and sex drive.

A few hours later I’m deep inside my new crush with an erection hard as rock, and in all honesty, I give thanks to testosterone for that…

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Weight Lifting Guidelines for More Testosterone:

  • Make sure to eat a small meal with carbs (rice, potatoes, or pasta) and protein (chicken, beef, fish, pork) 2 hours before working out.  This ensures that you are not working out while hungry, nor are you digesting during your workout
  • Make sure to eat right after working out.  This feeds and heals the muscles that you’ve “broken down” during the workout, and ensures you keep some of the size you’ve achieved during the workout. Protein to heal the muscles, Carbs to restore your glucose stores, and keep your hormones balanced.
  • Never work out the same muscle group two days in a row.  This will lead to overtraining, which will actually keep you from gaining any size, and will make your testosterone levels plummet, as well as give you trouble sleeping (which will lead to even more testosterone problems).
  • working out while hungry, tired, without breathing sufficiently or drinking enough water can also lead to overtraining.
  • The main exercises that increase testosterone are compound workouts… workouts using various muscle groups.  Leg workouts are especially good for naturally increasing your testosterone production.
  • You want to really push yourself to gain the maximum libido enhancing benefits.  Relatively heavy weight to what you can lift (5 or 6 reps max), but always warm up with lighter weight is the best.
  • The more muscle mass you have on your body, the more you create testosterone and the faster you burn fat (faster metabolism).  Reducing your body fat and increasing your muscle mass alone are enough to strengthen your testosterone production.


If you are looking to strengthen your overall manliness, and naturally increase your potency in bed, I can show you how.

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Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men; “Male Potency without Drugs”

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  1. it’s true, hitting the gym hard will definitely boost testosterone… make you feel more confident and increase sex drive. Also abusing alcohol and not getting in the gym will start to not only really make you softer.. but you’ll also feel softer

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