Horny After Leg Day? How Leg Workouts Increase Libido

Horny after leg workoutNote: For another scientific article supporting how weightlifting increases testosterone levels in the long run, see here…

I worked out chest and back at the gym yesterday. Heavy weight, at least relative to my own weight. Just a few heavy repetitions per set is all you need to get a major boost of testosterone. I mix it in with lighter weight, more reps for definition.

This was after a weekend where I celebrated a friend’s birthday, and did a decent amount of drinking and stayed out till early in the morning –  two good ways to ensure my testosterone levels were messed up in the short term.

Amazing how after I benched a few sets I felt that warm surge of male sex hormone circulating through my body… I felt a lot more solid, restored… felt more positive, stood upright.

There are serious sexual benefits to weightlifting. Performing compound workouts such as bench press, squats and leg press naturally produces large amounts of testosterone. And in my experience, it’s the leg workouts that provide the largest surge of testosterone, stronger libido and sex drive.

All it takes is a little time and dedication to gain some major strength, a larger and more muscular body and in the process naturally increase your testosterone production.

Leg workouts like squats and leg press are important when it comes to testosterone production. You’ll see how you feel horny after leg day

If you want to naturally increase your sex drive and libido, hitting several sets of squats and leg press a week is a great start. Enlarge your quad muscles, and you’ll pump out T at a higher production…  even at rest. And if you can handle two leg days a week, your libido will be insane.

As I mentioned, these higher testosterone levels will naturally increase your sex drive, libido, and erection strength. Besides the strength, confidence and better body composition, hitting these leg workouts will give you real life benefits such as a stronger mental and physical drive to pursue women, as well as the physical strength to back it up when the moment of truth arrives.

Yesterday I hit legs heavy… My body felt warm and comfortable, and well… I felt horny after the leg workout.

Horny after my leg workout, I let the libido take the wheel, and it always knows what to do

A women had given me her number over the weekend, and I was hesitating to call her (just trying to find the right time). After hitting the heavy leg workout, with my T levels and libido surging,  making this call was nothing.  I felt confident, virile, and masculine, and her response was great.

That same Friday, I picked her up for some drinks. A few hours later I was deep inside her with a rock-hard erection, and in all honesty, I give thanks to the extra horniness my leg workout gave me for putting things in motion.

As men, we have plenty of “masculine fuel” to help propel us through life. Let tools, like heavy leg workouts, create more of this fuel. For more natural ways to increase your sexual strength and abilities, check out Mr. Manpower’s Guide, here.

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