Free Exercise For Improving Erection Quality & Libido

Naturally Improving Erection QualityWhen we are young, sex is new to us… something so mysterious, exciting and freaky.

An untapped, amazing secret, yet powerful urge in us. Our minds run crazy when thinking about it.

Staying up at night to hopefully catch bits of nudity were some of my earliest memories of sex… hours, and hours of watching cheesy Showtime movies, all in the hopes of seeing a tit.

In this day and age, with the internet, kids have it easy. And as we get older, we get desensitized to sex. We’ve seen it all… while still exciting, and still turns us on, the IMAGINATIVE aspect of sex… the freaky, exciting mystery, has all but disappeared.

Bring this aspect back, and you will have a stronger libido at all times. Combine it with this simple exercise, and you’ll have a physically stronger, better-reacting erection when given mental stimulation.

While there are several things you can do to physically improve erection quality, this is a component of mental arousal / erections, that when added to everything else, can greatly help…

With this mental exercise you will be improving erection quality (EQ) along with your libido’s “muscle”

Try and do this exercises at least once a day if possible.

I want you to, only using the power of your mind (no porn; get away from the computer or cell phone), fantasize an erotic scene or situation.  I want you to use the full powers of your imagination, including sight, hearing, smell if you have to. Fully visualize something of the utmost erotic quality to you.  But do not touch your penis.

Try and visualize a situation so extreme that you can achieve an erection without touching your penis.  Think about someone you are attracted to, and fully visualize this person undressing, touching herself, touching you, sucking, etc.  You are going to build your ability to mentally turn yourself on; the kind of stuff you used to fantasize as a kid when first learning about sex and masturbation.

All mind… if you don’t have someone specific that turns you on, then consider your perfect woman (from a sexual point of view)… Asian, black, blonde, tall, thick, thin… big round ass shaking on all fours, or large tits and nipples hanging while giving you head… exercise your mind.

Try and get a full erection while you do this exercise, without touching your penis.  Don’t rush it, it might take a while.  Don’t put any stress on the situation; make sure you have time and privacy. Breathe deeply in and out, and totally relax.  If your penis is very out of shape, this may take some time.

It’s best if you can get the erection with just thought alone. However, whether or not you get an erection, after some time, add in some kegels. Work out your pc muscle while performing this exercise, so you’re not only strengthening the mental libido, but the physical support behind it as well.

Even if you start to get a semi-erection, but can’t get a full erection, at least it’s a start. Keep practicing till you get it all the way up. You may begin getting random erections when in public, like you used to experience as a young teen, but these are good problems to have…

(Extra tip: tell yourself that you will reward yourself with an ejaculation at the end of the exercise if you can get it up using your mind alone… that will add some extra incentive for your erection to function – but only if you become fully hard! That will really get you going!).=

For a complete guide to increasing libido and testosterone levels, as well as more exercises and techniques to improve erection strength and duration, see here: Guide To Improving Erection Quality Naturally / Increasing Libido

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Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement


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