Why Do Boxers Not Ejaculate Before A Fight?

why don't boxers ejaculate before a fightIt’s some of the oldest training advice… Don’t waste your manjuice before a fight.

The same advice is given by football coaches, and probably coaches for other sports.

They call your semen your manjuice for a reason.  Save it up, and it will give you some extra drive and strength… bust a shot and empty your nuts, and it will leave you weak and drained.

Don’t believe me?  Ejaculate RIGHT BEFORE going to the gym, or going to play basketball (or whatever your sport may be).  I bet you’ll be spent, weak and extremely lazy.

Save up your ejaculate for a few days in a row, and testosterone levels will surge (according to studies).

HOWEVER, in everyday regular life, not ejaculating for a few days can increase your stress levels and cortisol production (and therefore keep you from sleeping well — when your testosterone levels recharge), then saving up for TOO long before the big event can be a bad idea.

Also, if you were to just save up for a couple of weeks in the hopes of saving a massive amount of manjuice, without knowing the above info, then you’d probably just release that semen in a nocturnal emission (a wet dream) anyway… it’s sort of the body’s way of releasing excess stored-up semen… so you may save up for weeks before a fight, and just ending up having a wet dream the night before… and then you’re really going to get knocked out.

So what should you do if you were up next to fight Mayweather? Well I’d save it up for maybe 5 or 6 days, nothing more than that… perfect balance of saving up manjuice, while still not having raging stress levels and cortisol that kill your sleep.

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Best of luck to you against Mayweather… hope you lay him out.

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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