Words from Stripper Last Night: “I Can Tell You Have a Big Dick… ‘Cause It’s Big Already and It’s Not Even Hard”

stripper told me I had a big penisI know I’m doing good with these penis enlargement exercises.

They are part of my weekly routine, just like going to the gym.

Yesterday I had a nice experience.  I went to Booby Trap, a strip club here in Miami.

They were showing the Jon Jones – Rampage Jackson fight, and cover was only ten bucks… Watching a fight with nice, naked ass running around is better then PPV at my house.

So anyway, besides Rampage getting his ass kicked (I was actually rooting for him), I blew some money on these strippers… they do nasty things for a dollar. Always fun, I must say.

This one black stripper with a nice ass, tight body… freaky (I really liked her), climbed on my lap, with her knees on my legs:

She asked me if I had a big dick, I said yes, and she was like “let me see”, and proceeded to reach around behind her back under her ass, and grab my long flaccid dick from under her.

She was like, “I can tell you have a big dick… cause its big already and it’s not even hard”

That blew my head up!  It also felt good to be confident enough to be able to tell her I have a big dick.

I used to have a TINY flaccid penis… it was embarrassing, childlike almost, like it hadn’t grown through puberty or something.

If she would have asked me if I had a big penis, I would have been SO embarrassed back then… I would have been like “yeah, but its small when it’s soft”… and then she wouldn’t have continued to act as freaky as she did after she grabbed my dick.

She started literally jerking my penis till it got hard… this wouldn’t have happened so easy if I would have had my old baby-sized dick.  I would have been too embarrassed over my small flaccid penis size to get comfortable enough to get an erection.

The truth.

And you might be saying “yeah, she’s a stripper, she just said you had a big penis to be nice”… possibility… but, 1) it was such a quick and natural reaction 2) I really do have a big flaccid penis size, larger than normal.

I’m not trying to brag or anything, because I know you can make your penis bigger too, using the same techniques as me:

Have a good one!  Any questions, shoot them over!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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