Mental Block Erectile Dysfunction Overcome by Young Man

mental block erectile dysfunctionWhen I was about 18 or so, I had some pretty crappy experiences with what you can call “mental erectile dysfunction” (aka sexual performance anxiety, aka psychological ED)… pretty much a mental block to getting an erection.

I was with a new girlfriend that was very attractive, but not matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get an erection…

That was my whole problem… I was trying too hard.

On a daily basis I receive questions from young men who cannot get an erection when it comes down time to have sex due to this mental block erectile dysfunction. These men often fear that they have a physical erection issue at an early age, when in reality, they are just experiencing a mental wall blocking their arousal.

Mental block ED has a couple of different causes, but can be overcome once and for all.

I received an email from a young lady the other day, about the problems she and her boyfriend are facing with this mental block.

I was happy to hear that they were able to resolve their problem.

Please see our email conversation below:


“Hi, I have a 25 year old boyfriend which i have been with for two years and we are very comfortable with each other and love each other. We both have high sex drives and everything was fine until he began getting erection problems. He told me that he would get nervous just before having sex and thought that he would not be able to perform properly. he then got a “head rush” feeling, which then lead to him going soft within moments. As well as this, sometimes he would get erections, then when he is having sex with me it would go soft. naturally i would get upset, not with him but with the situation, but i feel bad cos i know it will make him more nervous. i try my best not to get upset. but what can he do to help him. i have said i am not going to get upset if it doesn’t work, and i try making him relax but it just still isnt working. we don’t see each other much but when we do we both know what is going to happen, (sex).

oh and another thing… the other day we met up but we was out in public the whole day he was horny and he kept getting a hard erection,but the next day it was completely the opposite. he wants to have sex and he has the perfect opportunity to, but he keeps going soft. its like when he knows he cant have it he gets hard erection but when he’s got it right in front of him he panics and goes soft before or even during sex.

we don’t really want to use medication because we have tried tablets like viagra and to be honest he kept wanting to use it. he will end up being dependant even if we only sometimes use it – he will want to use again. but i know that this problem is to do with his mind.

He smokes but said he will give up and 3 months ago stopped smoking cannabis He does not drink is a healthy weight.

Please could you give me some advice and tips or solutions for this. We would both be very grateful.

Thank you”


My Reply:

Hello Cassie:

The problem your boyfriend is facing, men all over the world face this problem all the time.

He is placing too much pressure on the situation, and as you see (with his erections in public) it’s all in his head.

You can’t mentally “will” an erection to happen.  It’s a natural process that happens on it’s own.  He needs to get as horny as possible without thinking about his erection, and then it will come along on it’s own.

Send the links below to your boyfriend.  They should help him learn that men all over the world have experienced mental erectile dysfunction that keeps them from getting an erection.  Most men face this mental block erectile dysfunction at least once in their lifetime, usually early on their sex lives.  I did as well.  It can be overcome.

I helped this man with his mental block to getting an erection…  he was experiencing pretty much the exact same thing you and your man are going through.  This weekend he sent me an email with this feedback:

“This guide swiftly helped me with my problem. You made things seem so simple, I just took the advice from it and it seriously worked. I can’t tell you how thankful I am. My girlfriend was at her beach house, and her parents weren’t going to be there until later in the week. I stayed the night, and within a 12 hour span, we had sex 7 separate times!!! It was so amazing! I did as you said, I didn’t even think about my erection, I just went with the flow. You were completely right, it is all in your head. Now me and my girlfriend enjoy sex as often as we can! This guide really helped me through sex anxiety, it broke things down and made it seem easy to defeat. Thank you so much man, you have no idea how in debt i am to you. You’re the best.”

For some more information on how your man can overcome his performance anxiety and get his erections back to normal, send him an email with these links:

Have a good one!

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a few days later…

“Hey there! Its Cassie from the other day telling you about the problem my boyfriend was having. I showed him these links and since then when we got down to “things” it worked! Not only once, but 5 times in the space of about 4 hours. He also felt more confident knowing he is not the only man having these problems and has relaxed more with what pleasure he is receiving rather than concentrating on getting it up, which has helped him immensely to start to overcome this fear and thinking too much about getting it up. He seems more confident and relaxed now, and has made things a lot better between us. On the last time his erection went soft but I didn’t just say “yeah its ok” and turn over, I was still all over him and praising him which I think has made a difference too. Thank you so much for your help we appreciate it very much and we are glad you were of a great help to us! thank you!!!!!”


No problem, Cassie… I’m very happy to hear that!

Keep up the “good work!”

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