Does Ejaculating Make You Weaker or Stronger? Does Ejaculating Make You Lose Testosterone?

This is a question I’ve given much thought to over the years.

In many places, I’ve heard that ejaculating makes you weaker.

For instance boxing trainers and football coaches tell their athletes to not ejaculate for quite a while before a fight or major event.   A good friend of mine is a professional boxer and says he doesn’t ejaculate for weeks before a fight.  And this dude is crazy… for up to a month before a fight he’ll run 6 miles (without stopping) twice daily.

Taoists call ejaculation the “little death” and say that when you ejaculate you are “spilling your life essence” as a man.

I’ve noticed that if I ejaculate in the morning and then go to the gym I feel much weaker, and generally lift less as well.  If I save it up for day or two, I’m a beast, and feel much more energy, strength, endurance and mental confidence… accompanied by increased aggression and higher feelings of stress (signs of high testosterone levels).

Studies have also shown that testosterone levels increase (along with higher strength levels in the gym) from men who refrained from ejaculating for up to a week before a fight…  then there’s a sharp decrease in testosterone production, lower than baseline and it stays like that (maybe my boxer friend saves it up for too long…).

On the other hand, a study at Royal Edinbergh Hospital in Scottland showed that middle-aged men who ejaculated more often (4 or 5 times a week) were judged to look ten years younger on average then their counter parts who ejaculated less often (1 or 2 times per week).  (pictures were shown to random participants who guessed their ages).

The scientists who carried out this study attributed this to higher testosterone levels from ejaculating, which would improve muscle mass, skin and hair quality.  A sort of higher testosterone “glow”…

Numerous other studies in animals have shown regular ejaculation would increase serum testosterone levels in the subjects sometimes as soon as after a couple of ejaculations

So what is it?  How often should we ejaculate?

While a number of tests show that withholding from ejaculation will increase your testosterone production in the short-run, even more show that ejaculating more often will increase it in the long-term…

But I can’t deny the weakness I temporarily feel after an ejaculation.

So what I’ve done is the following:   I ejaculate once daily, at night, but if I have something to do the following day that will require a little extra strength or endurance, whether mental or physical (like a heavy workout, long work day, or stressful event) then I hold back from ejaculating the day before.

So I believe that over time your body gets accustomed to ejaculating more often, and your testosterone levels stay nice and healthy, but when you all of a sudden refrain from ejaculating for one day, you benefit from the sharp increase in testosterone production and strength.

This has worked for me… but every person is different.  In some cases ejaculating may make you feel stronger… but not me and many others.

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Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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