How Condoms INCREASE A Woman’s Chances Of Orgasm

condoms increase chances of her orgasmMany people say condoms make sex feel worst…

That you can’t feel anything…

That sex feels so much better without a condom….

When I was younger, I would wear a condom the first few times having sex with a girl, and then stop using it early in our relationship (as if I magically discovered she didn’t have herpes or something during this small time period).

I stopped using the condom for the above-mentioned reasons – I felt so much more… the sex felt so much greater.

But at the same time, this was when I had premature ejaculation the worst, and couldn’t last long during intercourse to save my life… I was feeling TOO MUCH.

Sometimes too much is not a good thing… and yes, it feels great having sex without a condom, but what happens when you get to orgasm?

You have to pull out, and finish with your hands, or her hands, or her mouth… sounds like fun, but you’re stopping the momentum, and there’s nothing better than keeping that same penetrative motion going, and then ramming her till victory is reached (for you and for her), without having to stop.

Wearing a condom actually gives you a BETTER chance of making a woman orgasm.

When you have sex without a condom, you will approach orgasm much quicker (and women already need a bit more time/stimulation than you to get off). Add in the fact that you have to pull out, and you will pretty much guarantee that your girl WON’T have an orgasm.

If you have premature ejaculation, when you wear a condom from the beginning, it will slow down your “acceleration” towards orgasm, and allow you to gain better ejaculation control / last longer during sex.

If you can stroke her properly, combined with the fact that you’re lasting longer during sex thanks to the latex, then you have a better chance of making her orgasm.

If you want the best of both worlds, start off sex without a condom (once you are her are tested and clean), make sure you are penetrating her properly, and then as you’re approaching orgasm, put on the condom, and go for the kill.

Youngsters ESPECIALLY Like To Have Sex Without A Condom

It’s true… having sex without a condom, you do “feel” more.

But the fact that you have to pull out, makes most men ineffective in bed thanks to this.  As you get older, you will have (hopefully!) had so much sex, that the novelty of sex without a condom will have worn off, and you will start “strapping up”, not just to last longer in bed, but to protect against diseases.

Part of why I didn’t wear condoms when I was younger was peer pressure.

Most my friends would say they had sex without a condom, and even many of the girls I was having sex with would say it felt better without a condom… but I wasn’t that easily-influenced… it honestly did feel better!

As I’ve gotten older, these dumb comments don’t come up any more…

But here’s a scary truth, and I didn’t know this till I was older…

1 out of 5 women have (HSV-2) genital herpes.  The majority of these women are “asymptomatic”, meaning they don’t show any outwards symptoms.  And the percentage of women (and people in general) with genital herpes increases as they (and you) get older.

Many people have genital herpes without symptoms, and they spread the disease without knowing it… and the way one person reacts to genital herpes (no symptoms), can be different from the way it affects the next person (massive, painful breakouts).

Not to mention AIDS, and more lethal diseases.

Pregnancy? I always had enough ejaculation control that I could pull out when I wanted to, never had any major slips. But I’m not a Sex Ed teacher guys. You run all these risks on your own.

Sex, Condoms, And STDS – Not Bad, Not Good – They Are What They Are

You want to have sex without a condom? Go for it. Just know the risks, and know that you’ll probably be a better lover, and have more enjoyable sex, with one on, then without it.

Also, strongly consider getting tested, and having your partner tested if you want to go at it “raw”.

(Extra tip: Trojan Ecstasy condoms, the “feels like nothing’s there” condoms, are great. You honestly don’t feel them very much. Also, the Trojan Fire & Ice, and Charged, condoms make orgasm feel amazing).

For more tips on how to last longer during intercourse and make a woman orgasm, check out my guide…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”

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  1. Genital Herpes is NO Joke guys.. I wouldnt be surprised if 2 out of 5 women have it or are carriers.. My cousin caught genital Herpes and had 2 YEARS of massive breakouts and needed medication to control it.. all because he didnt wear a condom.

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