The Key to Small Penis Acceptance – Think Like the Greeks!

how to get over having a small penis

Just as we all – as humans – come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, we also have a big variety of insecurities we may face.

Being too short… too fat… small hands… bad skin… unintelligent… not having enough hair… being TOO hairy… too skinny… bad dresser… broke… beat up car.

Then there’s one particular insecurity that many men seem to face — having a small penis.

Yes, it’s just another insecurity. But it’s one that digs deep for guys, and one that is more “hidden” and less on the surface than say, height.

If you’re too short for a woman (a problem I faced throughout much of my life *sighs*), then you’ll know automatically… she will either tell you she’s not interested, or you’ll just know. You get the painful answer up front.

However, having a smaller than average penis is a tricky one. You won’t get an immediate answer… tell her too early, and she may not get to know you well enough to offset the perceived “turnoff” (if it’s even a turnoff for her, or even what she’d consider small), tell her too late, and you risk investing time, energy and emotion in someone who does care about penis size, and who you may not reach their “requirement” when they finally do find out.

Well, best thing you can do, just like any other insecurity or perceived flaw we may have is to ACCEPT your penis size. Accept the size you were given, work with it, learn techniques to please women with it (and without it), and grow some thick skin.

Get over having a small penis… We get rejected for all kinds of things…

From car we drive, to not being over 6 feet, to not having a mug like a soap opera star… thick skin lets us roll with the punches until we get that one hottie who finds us gorgeous… every inch of us.

It also weeds out the shallow birds… get yourself a girl of substance, and they won’t care.

And think we’re the only one with insecurities? Women get judged for their weight, butt size, boob size, attractiveness… they got their own set of issues. No one gets off scot-free.

But besides the practical knowledge, know that how penis size is perceived is something cultural… and has changed throughout the times.

Just like more “plump” women were lusted after in the renaissance era, but a skinnier waist is more in vogue nowadays… or big butts weren’t considered attractive going further than 20 years back, but now-a-days some ass is what actresses, singers and everyday women aspire to have (and are paying for, if they don’t have naturally), a small penis was actually what was considered the norm back in the ancient Greek times.

How the Greeks Thought About Penis Size – A Philosophy For Small Penis Acceptance

small penis acceptance

Ever noticed Michelangelo’s sculpture of David, and his stub?

I know I have…. especially having the same damn name. And most people probably have, too.

Resembled how my flaccid penis used to be, at least to a degree…

Apparently having a small penis was all the rage back in ancient Greece and Rome, and was associated with the alphas of the group.

According to Harvard Classics Professor, Andrew Lear, small and non-erect penises were associated with moderation, which was one of the key virtues of masculinity in ancient times.

All of the heroes, gods and athlete’s were sculpted with a smaller, flaccid penis.

Larger, erect penises were said to be associated with foolishness, lust and ugliness… stupid, messy men… idiots.

Big erect penises were sculpted and painted on all of the Satyrs (mythic half-goat-men, who were lust-filled drunks) and various non-ideal, unathletic and dishonored men. Weak, elderly men, were often sculpted with large penises.

The ideal Greek man was rational, intellectual and authoritative,” according to Art history blogger Ellen Oredsson. “He may still have had a lot of sex, but this was unrelated to his penis size, and his small penis allowed him to remain coolly logical.”

Lear has several theories as to why things have swinged from it being cool to have a smaller penis, to larger penises being in vogue, including:

  • the rise of porn
  • an ideological push to subject men to the same body shaming that women typically face

He also says both “penis ideologies” are BS… ancient and modern. Having a small penis doesn’t mean a man is more logical and moderate, and having a big penis doesn’t mean a woman will experience more sexual satisfaction.

AND… when it comes to masculinity. I know a wild beast of a man who actually boasts about his small penis and who has sex with all sorts of women and lives as if he has a 9 incher.

The adult male gorilla, possibly the embodiment of masculinity, strength and power, has a 1.5 inch erect penis….

So… there’s that.

Women Care Much Less About Your Penis Size Than You Do

Would women date a man with a small penisWithout a doubt… just like some women wouldn’t date a man unless he’s 6 foot, drives an expensive foreign car or makes 6 figures a year, others won’t date a man if he has a smaller than average penis.

Shoot… some even demand a much LARGER penis than average.

Well if a woman has those expectations, than best of luck to whatever man lands them…

…you’re better off without women that shallow and the man who lands her will wish he knew that sooner…

According to a major UCLA study, out of 23,000+ women, the vast majority (84%) were happy with their man’s penis size. Women were also only half as likely as men to call their man’s penis “small,” and were more likely to call it “large”.

And as to women dating or being with a smaller man, many accept it.

I recently spoke to a hot, 5’11” bartender at a restaurant who said she’d date a man with a smaller penis, as long as he was taller than her. *sighs again*

I can recall several guys, including some celebrities, joking about being small down below, and attracting and keeping hot women.

Not… a… big… deal.

Small penis acceptance is more important than anything, but if you’d like to add some size to your penis – manual techniques can add some size

It’s important that you accept your penis size. Whatever you got, accept it, and get on with life.

But if you’d like to add a bit of length and girth, know that penis enlargement exercises actually do work. I’ve gone from average length to a bit above average… and I know many other men who’ve made similar gains, if not better.

If you’d like to know how I got there, see here. It works:

If interested, give it a shot… if you want before and after photo proof showing it works (as I know it’s hard to believe), I can share that with you too.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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