How to Stay Horny After Orgasm; Keep Libido After Climax

how to stay horny after orgasmThe refractory period sucks…

It is what makes us the weaker sex in bed.

A woman can have an orgasm and she’s just getting warmed up.

A woman can stay horny after an orgasm, for multiple more orgasms….

On the other hand a man can have just one orgasm, and it wipes out all of his mental and physical arousal… that’s the end of his sexual performance.

And if he didn’t last very long, too bad!

I can remember laying on my back after an ejaculation, feeling mentally wiped out, nuts pumped and penis shriveling up…

Meanwhile the girl on my side was horny and playing with my limp penis… whining and begging for me to get it up again…

But I couldn’t get an erection… AND THERE WAS NOTHING I COULD DO ABOUT IT!

Yes my friend, the refractory period is our enemy…

Some lucky (or maybe just plain horny) men can have an orgasm and get it up again right afterward, or in some freak cases, be able to maintain an erection after ejaculation until the next ejaculation.

But this is a small minority of men.  And even these men begin to lose this power as they age.

The good news is you can learn how to eliminate your refractory period, which will allow you to stay horny after orgasm, and keep on penetrating with a rock hard erection

Orgasm will no longer be the finish line.

Take that, refractory period!


Something interesting you should know… ejaculation and orgasm, while happening damn near simultaneously, are two separate events happening milliseconds apart.

With an ancient Taoist technique called the male multiple orgasm, you can learn to block off your ejaculation during orgasm.

The male multiple orgasm technique allows you to:

  • have orgasm after orgasm without losing your erection,
  • erase your refractory period,
  • stay horny after orgasm,
  • last as long as you want during sex

Not only is the male multiple orgasm a cure to premature ejaculation, but it will lead you and your lady to amazing levels of shared pleasure.

Have a good one!!!

-David Carreras
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

“the ultimate sex guide for men… male potency without drugs

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