Ways To Increase Penis Size That Actually Work

Ways to increase penis size naturallyPills won’t make your penis bigger… there isn’t one pill that will increase your penis size… neither in length or girth.

Natural penis enlargement pills (or “male enhancement pills” as they call them in order to vaguely insinuate that they will make you larger without saying so directly) will improve the bloodflow to your penis times, giving you a bigger size when flaccid, tricking you into thinking your penis is larger.

Male enhancement pills will also give you harder erections, so you may have a MINUTE increase in length or girth, just because of the sheer intensity of your erection.

They’re not all bad.. along with an increased libido, these pills are “male enhancement”… but they won’t make your penis any bigger.

The following methods do work to increase penis size:

  • Surgery
  • Weight hangers
  • Extension devices
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Penis enlargement exercises

In the following paragraphs I will describe the penis enlargement methods that actually work to increase penis size, as well as offer their pros and cons.

Penis Enlargement Surgery (aka Penile Enlargement Surgery):

Penis enlargement surgery will provide between .5 and 1.5 inches in extra erect length. The surgeon will cut the ligaments that hold some “inner penis” inside of you, allowing this “inner penis” to become “outer penis.  Depending on how much “inner penis” you have will dictate how much penis length you’ll gain.

This surgery is a quick way to increase penis size, and costs between $5,000 and $7,500 on average.  After surgery, you  will generally leave with instructions on how to perform natural penis enlargement exercises as well, to further increase growth, and improve erection quality.

The downsides to this surgery, other than the cost, are that the cut ligaments weaken erection quality.  Penis enlargement surgery will only increase length, not girth.  Also, there are no guarantees on how much size you will gain.

While surgery is the easy way out, it is definitely not my favorite.

Weight Hangers:

The idea of hanging a weight from your penis may sound scary, but when used properly, is a safe and effective way to increase penis size.   Different cultures around the globe have used variations of this penis enlargement method, and it appears to work quite well.

There are some pretty well “constructed” weight hangers available for purchase online.

While penis weight hanging works mainly for length, due to the increased pressure on the ligs, girth can be slightly increased as well.

The downside to using a hanger is the inconvenience of having to put it on, the space, time and privacy necessary to use it (and hide all of the “parts” of the system, including the weights/hooks/hanger).  Also, the hanger needs to be used exactly as “prescribed”, if not it may cause some nerve damage… which could lead to weaker erections.  However, the chance of this is slim, and the nerves will heal after taking some time off.

It can seem a bit scary hanging 25-50 pounds off of your penis, but as mentioned, many cultures around the world have been doing this for centuries… the penis is quite an amazing (and “pliable/buildable”) creation.

Extension Devices:

Extension/tracking devices work by stretching your penis in an elongated state, and holding it in place for a set period of time.  After a while, the penis maintains this extended state.

Extension devices also appear to work quite well for length, and to a lesser extent, girth.

Slightly more expensive than hangers, extension devices are also available online.  Erection quality should not be compromised at all with this device, and it actually seems a bit safer than weight hangers.

Only downsides are that extension devices don’t increase girth very much, and they take time, space and privacy as well…

Vacuum Pumps:

Vacuum pumps are generally used to treat erectile dysfunction.  When used over time, they greatly improve the amount of blood held in the shaft during an erection.  As a side result, some men (hey Jabil!) have reported seeing an increase in erect girth.  Does nothing for length, however, and takes quite a while to see results (if any).

Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises:

After much research, my personal favorite way to increase penis size is with manual penis enlargement exercises.

Combining certain held stretches (to achieve the same ligament lengthening effect as hangers/extension devices), with other “milking” techniques (to cause slight breaks/microtears in the shaft that heal then in a larger state), natural penis enlargement exercises work well to increase length, as well as girth.

I’ve found this penis enlargement method to have the most benefits, with the fewest downsides.

While the whole “microtear” idea may sound scary, these exercises are safe and painless, and actually improve erection quality (when lifting weights, you create “microtears” in your muscles, which also heal in a larger state).

I myself have gained over an inch and a half in length and greatly improved the thickness of my erection thanks to these exercises.  I’ve also increased flaccid penis size as well, but that’s a given with any of these techniques.

The downsides are that you have to put personal effort and time into making the gains with penis enlargement exercises, but you have less of a need for privacy (can be performed in the shower).

For more information on how to increase penis size with natural penis enlargement exercises, see here…

If you have the time and money, feel free to try whichever penis enlargement method sounds interesting to you, or a combination of a few, and see what works best for you.  Stay away from the pills though!

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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