Bored of Sex With Wife? How To REALLY Make Sex Better

better sex with wifeBeing with the same woman for several years now… I know what it’s like for some of the spark to leave the bedroom.

Sure, there are those days when she comes home from the gym, ass fat and nice in those legging shorts (or whatever the hell they’re called), or those random mornings when she’s walking around in one of my wife beaters, boobs and nipples poking out, that gets my blood flowing…

But then there are those days… the end of a long stressful day, where she’s in her nurse scrubs, and I’m beat tired, and the last thing in my mind is sex…

And this happens more and more as time goes by… and happens to almost every man I know who’s been in a relationship for a long time… as a matter of fact, I received this email today:

“Ok, say you’ve been with someone for a while, you enjoy the sex once you’re into it but, you know when you first meet someone you’re excited to sleep with them, so you’re aroused almost immediately whenever you’re around them, but after a while of sleeping with the same person does it change? Is it normal not to feel that spark all of the time as time goes on?”

The Colombian Solution To Boredom in the Bedroom – Have A Mistress, 5 Girlfriends, and a “Burro”

How to improve sex with your wife - boredomIn Colombia, where my parents are from, they have a solution to boredom in the relationship… start a second family, get a mistress, have several girlfriends… I have a couple of crazy uncles over there who do this kind of shit (minus the burro – I think).

Here in the States, my Catholic upbringing, “saintly” father, and the culture around us… doing something like that just doesn’t feel right. When I was younger, I was a little more “loose” with my morality… but as I get older… these damn ingrained morals…

I just don’t have it in me, anymore… So how to make the best of the situation?

How To Really Enjoy Sex With YOUR OWN WIFE Again – Without Burros

I am going to provide a few things that work to really turn me on, and actually WANT to have sex with my lady.

In Cosmo, they may say things like “introduce toys”, “share your fantasy”, “watch porn with her”… corny advice that won’t really do much for us guys (me at least). Watching porn with my lady is the most awkward thing ever… because if I’m bored of having sex with her, who do you think I’m going to be watching most of the time!! And then feelings get hurt…

But these things below DO work for me to increase my libido for my wife.. do as many as you can, as you probably won’t be able to do all of them. But each one of them brings their own rejuvenating of sexual energy and drive.

Watch Some Porn WITHOUT Her, and Without Masterbating or Ejaculating

On a day you plan on having sex with your wife, watch some porn… shit you really like. Look up nude photos of women you find hot (sorry… am I alone in doing this?)… don’t overdo it, because if the flood of “horny energy” overcomes you too much, you may end up just masturbating and releasing all that “motivation”… just spark the mental arousal energy in your mind… this will increase your libido for the rest of the day… and make you more excited when you do see her.

Don’t Ejaculate For A Few Days

Don’t have sex with her, and don’t masterbate for a few days… let’s try a week the first time around. As the semen collects, so will your sexual drive… after a few days, if you follow these other tips, you should be quite horny for your wife.

Go To The Beach Or Pool With Her On A Sunny Day

Sunlight boosts sex driveBikini’s have always been a source of arousal for me… pulling them up… to the side… in the water. I think even an ugly woman would be able to turn me on if I play with her bikini top enough on her breasts…

Combined with the testosterone boost that the sunlight (Vitamin D) will give you… a day out in the sun, or at least for a little while always makes me feel extra “randy”… and then going home with my lady, and pulling her bikini to the side and doing her… always does the trick for me.

The Mental Excitement Follows The Physical Stimulation

If you’re not in the mood, sometimes some physical stimulation can give your horniness the kick start it needs.

Ever had a time where you didn’t feel like having sex, but your lady did… so you gave it JUST a little effort… and she provided stimulation, either orally or manually?  Once the physical sensation reached “pleasurable”, I’m sure horniness took over, full blown.

Then sex didn’t seem so bad, did it?

Get her to provide some stimulation, and the feeling will follow the fact. Just be open to it.

Challenge YOURSELF Physically and Mentally

wife bored with sexI go to the gym and lift weights three times a week, and do some cardio three or four times a week. And while my body obviously is thankful for it, there’s something about doing a physically and mentally challenging activity that REALLY brings some life back into you.

I haven’t played baseball since a kid, and I recently discovered that there are some batting cages in a nearby park. I’ve been postponing going, but pushed myself to go yesterday (cool note: there were some guys from the Miami Marlins practicing their swing there! Very hidden, unknown place).

I paid for 5 rounds, and while I wasn’t Sammy Sosa, I wasn’t as bad as I thought I’d be. And the actual physical and mental exertion… nothing like it. Challenged my body, hand-eye coordination and things in ways it wasn’t used to… at least for some time. This “sparked” life into me more than any other weight lifting or treadmill can do.

Try challenging yourself to something similar… doesn’t have to be anything major. Get in a boxing gym and just train… spar for more of a boost, or don’t… go to a basketball court and shoot around… play a game for even more of a boost! Or don’t… but any effort in this direction helps. (Note, any other sport you play or have played in your life has the same effect).

As soon as I left the park, I felt extra alive… and extra horny!

Have Sex Earlier In The Day

Earlier in the day you have higher testosterone levels than later in the day. As the stresses of the day mount, they pick away at your T levels… leaving you with lower energy levels and libido. Especially as you get older.

Take advantage of these higher T levels… have sex in the morning, or early afternoon, if possible.

Besides the fact that it will break the norm (for many couples at least), which in itself is exciting, you will have higher testosterone levels, hence, a higher sex drive, hence, more drive to do the nasty with your misses.

What She Wears Makes A Difference

As mentioned above… when my lady comes home after working out with those black, tight spandex shorts… booty inflated from doing squats and leg press… it does something to me. It wakes me up. I want to put her on all fours, pull them down and……

She has a couple of pieces of lingerie, too… sometimes some sexy apparel gives me a boost of life where I need it… and you know what? I just ask her to put them on. And she does it… sometimes…


This is what I’ve observed that has brought some life into MY bedroom with MY wife… but I know many of us guys are the same, so hopefully what works for me, works for you as well!

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Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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