14 Interesting Male Orgasm Facts

male orgasm factsDid you know that the Ancient Taoists were the first to share knowledge on how to separate ejaculation from orgasm, in order to have male multiple orgasms?

Did you know that the average 18 year old has a refractory period of only 15 minutes (lucky little bastards), while men in their 70s have an average refractory period of 20 hours or more?

Today, I’m here to tell you about some interesting male orgasm facts… some of them cool, some of them weird, some of them sad… and in the case of the male multiple orgasm, some of them helpful.

Here dey go!

1) Semen As A Secret Wartime “Tool”

The MI6, the British equivalent to the CIA, used semen as invisible ink during World War 1. It was used because it was hard to detect, and there was an endless (well semi-endless I guess… depending on the length of the agent’s refractory period).

2) Astronauts Are No Different Than Us… They Still Have Needs

I guess lack of gravity keeps men’s sex drive elevated as well. Astronauts masturbate just like you and I, yet who knows where they put their “space emissions”. They call it self-pollution….

3) Many African Tribes Have No Name For Masturbation

Many tribes in the African Congo have no name for the act of masturbation… could it be they have nothing but actual sex? Maybe it’s a sign of weakness in men?… Or maybe they’re embarrassed to share with interviewers / translators the word…

4) Half Your Penis Is Inside Of Your Body

Part of what makes natural penis enlargement exercises work, and the reason that phalloplasty (penile enlargement surgery) works, is that a large part of your penis is actually inside of your body.

5) You Can Ejaculate Inwards

Some men have the issue of ejaculating in reverse… where they ejaculate into the bladder. This problem occurs sometimes accidentally when going for male multiple orgasms (not a problem), but in some men, happens every time they try to ejaculate (a problem… if they are trying to have kids). Prostate surgery, diabetes or multiple sclerosis can cause this.

6) Only Mammals Have Sex For Pleasure

men multiple orgasmAnd not many at that… other than us freaky creatures, dolphins and bonobos have sex for pleasure only

(bonobos are real “open”… they actually have homosexual sex).

Fruit bats love to perform oral sex on each other…

7) Boring Cereals Were Invented To Stop You From Jerking Off

Strange but true… Dr. Kellogg was a strong believer in the benefits of celibacy (much like the Taoists!), and he believed that bland foods would promote celibacy over flavor-rich foods… hence the Corn Flakes… guess he changed his outlook when he came up with Froot Loops!

8) Those Dirty Women…. and Crazy Greeks

Greeks thought a woman’s period blood was actually impure semen… somehow.

9) Boy Scout Leaders Used To Be Very Vocal

Back in 1914, Boy Scouts founder Robert Baden-Powell released an edition of Scouting for Boys, in which he advised young men not to masturbate, but to rather take cold baths or box when they felt the urge… that masturbation destroyed “health and spirits”.

10) Men Can Have Multiple Orgasms As Well

The male multiple orgasm technique was first written about and shared by Taoists. Men learned how to block ejaculation during orgasm, eliminating the refractory period, and allowing a man to keep his erection (and libido), throughout multiple orgasms. I teach the male multiple orgasm technique, here.

11) Semen is Only 1% Sperm

Your ejaculate only contains 1% sperm, the rest is mostly water. Spem also contains small amounts of:

  • calcium
  • chloride
  • citrate
  • fructose, glucose, lactic acid
  • magnesium
  • potassium
  • protein
  • sodium
  • urea
  • zinc

No wonder an ejaculation takes so much out of us as men!

12) We Never Stop Chasing The Cat

Male multiple orgasms

Men in their 80s are twice as likely to be sexually active as women of the same age (41 per cent vs. 18 per cent)… “nothin’ but the dog in me…”

13) Another Reason To Cut Some Carbs

Overweight and obese men produce less sperm, and of lower quality, studies have shown… so slow down on the late night Taco Bell runs!

Note: sperm quality can be improved by increasing masturbation (cleans the pipes), taking colder showers, and drinking plenty of water.

14) Forty Percent of Men Masturbate Every Day

40 % of us are everyday jerkers, while the average is 12 times a month (three times a week).


The male orgasm, masturbation, sex… never grows old for us.

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Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
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